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Latest Publication

Eritrea: Von der Befreiung zur Unterdruckung

Eritrea: Von der Befreiung zur Unterdrückung
Editors: Katja Buck, Mirjam van Reisen
Publisher: EMW - Evangelisches Missionswerk in Deutschland

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Decentralised Rural Energy to Meet Energy Needs of Rural Communities and Farmers: Simple, Accessible, Affordable and Sustainable
Editor: Mirjam van Reisen
Publisher: Hivos

Women Leadership Cover-10-7-14
Women's Leadership in Peace Building
Conflict, Community and Care
Editor: Mirjam van Reisen
Publisher: Africa World Press

The Human Trafficking Cycle: Sinai and Beyond
Authors: Mirjam van Reisen, Meron Estefanos & Conny Rijken
Publisher: Wolf legal publishers
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Web design and information dissemination

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EEPA is working to ensure that key information on EU development cooperation is accessible in a comprehensive and user-friendly way throughout the world.

As part of our work in information dissemination, we regularly update the websites we host with news from our ongoing monitoring of EU development cooperation. EEPA uses the open source web content management system Joomla. We put our best effort to ensure easy access to information on the European Union's development actions for the South.

Websites developed and hosted by EEPA:

EU Development Portal

The EU Development Portal is an independent portal on the EU Development Cooperation, launched on 1 September 2007. The portal, a joint project of Concern, Oxfam Novib, Eurostep and EEPA, is developed and hosted by EEPA. It is designed to facilitate better understanding of the policies and practices of EU cooperation with developing countries. One of the key aims of the portal is to encourage civil society actors from Southern countries to share their assessments and perspectives on the role that the EU should be playing in relation to their countries external policies and practices.



The Lisbon Treaty website

The Lisbon Treaty website, which went online in February 2007, provides information about the implications of the Lisbon Treaty for the EU’s development cooperation policy. The website includes a consolidated version of the Lisbon Treaty, including expert analysis of the articles which are relevant to the EU’s external actions with a special focus on development cooperation. The website was produced by EEPA but comments and analysis are drawn from both EEPA and Eurostep research. In addition to the analysis of various articles in the Lisbon Treaty, the website also provides details on the ongoing ratification process, including a news section with the latest information.


The Marga Klompé website

The Marga Klompé website was created in order to record all activities of EEPA Director Prof. Mirjam van Reisen  as part of her reponsibilities as the Endowed Chair of Social Responsibility in name of Marga Klompé. Besides the activities, the website includes video recordings and summaries of key events, a summary on the position of the endowed chair as well as a biography of Marga  Klompé  which was created specifically for this website. The website is bilingual and all information is available in English and Dutch.



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